I opened my first Jon Smith shop in 1988 in Palm Beach County, FL with the single-minded commitment to serve the absolute highest quality overstuffed, marinated grilled sirloin steak and real chicken breast subs.

Jon Smith Subs prepares everything we serve in each store every day.

Our sirloin steak and chicken breast are trimmed, sliced, seasoned, marinated and grilled to order. Our wonderful employees will treat you to our total quality experience. And I will personally be in our stores every day looking out for you.

“Or my name’s not…”



Jon Smith Subs gift card

Available in any amount.

Good at any Palm Beach County Jon Smith Subs.

Never expires (lost cards cannot be replaced).

Buy a $50 Gift Card and get a FREE 6″ sub!

Buy a $100 Gift Card and get a FREE 12″ sub!


Saturday Special
Authentic Italian Cold Cuts
Genoa, smoked ham, pepperoni, cappicolla and provolone
SAVE $1 off 12” / $.60 off 6”


Our Pledge

  1. We use only the absolute Highest Quality Meats, sliced daily, double-wrapped, and expertly handled. FRESH
  2. We cut the finest farm-fresh vegetables every day, and keep them cool and crisp. FRESH
  3. Our fabulous Italian-Style and whole wheat sub rolls use only the finest grains and flour, and are baked fresh daily. FRESH
  4. Our stores are thoroughly cleaned front to back, constantly and systematically. FRESH
  5. We are single-mindedly committed to serving the absolute highest quality, large-portioned, mouth-watering sub that’s FRESH FRESH FRESH

The Thrill of The Grill

We buy terrific cuts of sirloin steak, slice it thin and then marinate it in our own sauce. Our wonderful farm-fresh vegetables are sliced every day. And as
soon as you order your Jon Smith Subs marinated steak with vegetables, we put them on an honest-to-goodness real grill. (that’s the big metal thing that
gets hot)

  • We do not microwave!
  • We do not steam!
  • We do not pre-cook!
  • We do not pre-heat!

We grill the world’s best steak sub just for you…

A Word About Quality

Qual-i-ty (kwol’ I te) n. A level of excellence
Sometimes it seems that everyone sells the “highest quality food at the lowest price.” But saying it doesn’t make it so.
Folks, today some real chemical wonders are marketed as quality food. Just as inattentive and unmotivated employees as marketed as bright and fresh personnel.
But quality food and service don’t come from advertising agencies. Remember you don’t actually eat super slick advertising, picture perfect menus or elaborate buildings. And when the smoke clears, you get what you pay for. You hope!
I, Jon Smith, am totally committed to providing the best quality food and service for my customers.
Look at our food, look at our stores, look at our employees and see our commitment.
At Jon Smith Subs, quality is our only deal….